A simple guide to The Microbe Directory

1. Browse

Select the next taxon to continue sorting the list of species, then select the species to view its information. At any time, you can click back through the taxonomy by clicking on the links near the top. Your browser's back button will also work as well.

2. Search

You can search for microbes by their whole or partial spelling. You can also abbreviate the first word of the species.. example (e. coli). You can also search by the species id number.. example (id=345).

3. Species

Once on the page of a species, you can click on the (i) icon near the value to view its citations. You can click back through the species taxonomy by clicking on the links near the top. You can click on the (+) icon, also referred to as a QuickContribute link, near the value to contribute to that specific category by means of a value or citation. You might not see a (+) icon near the value you want to contribute to if it already has both a value and a citation. In that case, you can click on the big (+) icon near the species name on top of the page. On the bottom of the page is a short url for the species you are currently viewing. Feel free to share!

4. Contribute

If you arrived at the contribute page without being logged in, you'll be redirected to a login screen where you could login or signup. Once logged in, you'll now be allowed to submit your contributions to any of the species in the directory. If you arrived to this page using a QuickContribute link, you'll see that the microbe id is already prefilled. You can change the value type using the dropdown list if needed. Neither is required, but fill out as much information as you can. If there is something else that we should know about, feel free to let us know in the message field. Your contributions will be manually validated by an administrator of The Microbe Directory and once approved, your contributions will be made live for all to see. Thank you for contributing to the ultimate microbe database!

5. Account

To reset your password, simply click on the (Forgot Password) option from the login page. You'll then be guided to reset your password via email. To change your password, click (Account) from the menu.